Comprehensive Property Management Services

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Full management service includes:

  1. Photographing and advertising available, light staging as needed.
  2. Properties listed on all major rental websites, professional showings included.
  3. Thorough criminal and credit screening of potential tenants.
  4. Collecting security deposits and rent, all tenant lease documentation, walk through the property with new tenants and completing a property condition report. Everything is covered, tenants transition happily and easily into their new home.
  5. Tenants have the option to pay rent electronically through our tenant resident site, owner distributions can also be done electronically. All owners have access to their portal where the can view statements and monitor all financial activity for the property/properties.

Tenants and owners alike can contact us at any time on any day. Maintenance issues are handled timely by a contractor of the owners choosing or one of our professional, licensed and insured sub-contractors.

Lease renewals with the same tenants are free. When tenants do vacate, the property is restored to tiptop condition including professional cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Lease only option:

A lease only option is available, this includes everything up to number (3) when the happy tenants have moved in, and at this point it goes back to the owner to collect rent payments. We are happy to jump in and do management at any time if needed, or start the process again when the tenants vacate.